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      St. Francis at the Spring
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      The chapel
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      Loftus House
    • Welcome

      Welcome to Mt. St. Francis Center for Spirituality.

      I encourage you to take some time to explore our website and discover the many opportunities available to you for deepening your spiritual life.  If you are interested in arranging a private retreat for yourself or a group either here at the Mount or at your location you can contact us through the Center Office at 812-923-8817.   The friars look forward to helping you plan and carry out a wonderful day of reflection, prayer day or retreat for you and/or your group. 

      The Lord bless you,
      Friar Robert Baxter, OFM Conv.

      Mount St. Francis Center for Spirituality
      101 St. Anthony Drive
      Mount St. Francis, IN 47146

    • Liturgical Prayer Schedule

      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
      7:30 AM - Morning Prayer
      11:45 AM - Eucharist
      5:30 PM - Evening Prayer
      7:30 AM - Morning Prayer
      11:45 AM - Eucharist
      5:15 PM - Friars' Conventual Mass

      11:45 AM - Eucharist
      (All other prayer times vary with retreat schedules)

      10:00 AM - Eucharist
      (All other prayer times vary with retreat schedules)

      Major Legal Holidays
      9:00 AM - Eucharist
      January 1
      Memorial Day
      Labor Day
      July 4th
      Thanksgiving Day

      Holy Days of Obligation
      11:45 AM - Eucharist  (when not on a Sunday)
      Ascension - April 29
      Assumption - August 15
      All Saints - November 1
      Immaculate Conception - December 8

      Christmas Season and Holy Week
      Christmas Eve (December 24) - 8:00 PM - Eucharist
      Mary, Mother of God (January 1) - 9:00 AM - Eucharist
      Holy Thursday - 7:00 PM - Eucharist
      Good Friday - 3:00 PM
      Easter - 10:00 PM - Eucharist

      Call 923-8817

    • Calendar
    • News

      Serenity 12-Step Retreat

      May 2-4, 2014
      $170.00 single, $150.00 double
      $90.00 commuter
      ($25.00 Non-refundable deposit)

      Sr. Margarita Armendariz

      Women’s Retreat

      May 16-18
      Take a moment to share fellowship with
      other women of faith and deepen that faith
      with Sr. Margarita.
      Retreat begins
      Friday 8PM and concludes
      after lunch on Sunday.
      $175.00 single, $150.00 double, $90.00 commuter

      MONDAYS AT THE MOUNT (Bible Study)
      10:00AM and 7:00PM in Cupertino Room (lower Chapel)

      Monday bible sessions will resume on Monday, January13. 
      Who is Jesus Christ?  Reflections on the Epistles.

       Visit our Facebook page for cancelations due to inclement weather.


      October - June: 11:45AM Eucharist

      followed by lunch, devotions, spiritual reflection. 
      A goodwill offering for the lunch is gratefully accepted.

      (Volunteer Staff)
      Wed - Fri: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
      Saturday: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
      Sunday:  After Mass


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